Applications for new enrollment at the Amazon Valley Academy (AVA) are acted upon in the order in which they are received.  The AVA office will contact you by Email or by phone should there be any additional information that may be needed.

Once all the information needed for an acceptance decision is received by AVA, the notification of an acceptance will usually be returned within two weeks.  In cases where the application is declined because there is no room in the class or grade level, the parent will have the opportunity to place the child on a waiting list.  Should a child in that class or grade level be withdrawn prior to the start of the next semester, we will be pleased to notify you and provide the opportunity for you to reactivate you application.

Once a new student is accepted for admission, the Registration Fee (US 530) for each child must be paid and the, once per family, Capital Fee (US$ 1070) must be paid to complete the registration.  An opening in a class or at a grade level will only be considered filled when the payments have been made.  If you are mailing a check to us from outside Brazil, please notify us by Email or Fax, so that we can hold the position for your child.  Mail from outside Brazil can be a very slow process.


Physical Address:
Amazon Valley Academy
BR 316 Km3
Travessa Tenri,   n132
67113-120 Ananindeua, Brazil    
Phone: 91-3245-2566

Mailing Address:
Amazon Valley Academy
Caixa Postal 5170
Ag. Cabanagem
7113-120 Belem, Para 



Step 1   Application
Send an
application to the Amazon Valley Academy.
You may do this by filling out the Application Form
on line and sending it by or by filling out a hard
copy and sending it by fax or mail.

Step 2   Acceptance
You will be notified when your child?s application has
been accepted or to answer any other questions needed
to complete the application.

Step 3   Payment
The Registration Fee (US$ 530) and the one time Capitol
Improvement Fee (US$ !070) should be paid to AVA to
hold the position.  Tuition will be due on the first day of