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AVA's Surroundings

AVA in nestled in the suburb of Ananindeua, Brazil only 3 km from Belem one block North of route 316. The city of Belem is the wettest and one of the oldest in Colonial America. Founded by Castelo Branco in 1615 it consists of a series of islands and deep river and narrow green waterways. The citizens of the Belem area declared themselves an independent nation, the Republic of Para, on November 26, 1689; but their nation was defeated by the British and the Portuguese with the loss of about 30,000 of the 150,000 population, and Belem became a part of Brazil in 1775.

The old Portuguese portion of the city is a major tourist attraction with the charm of tree-filled squares, churches, and blue tiles. The old city core combines in shocking contrast chic neoclassic or art nouveau sets of buildings. some from the colonials period, many others are extravagant structures of the rubber barons period, 1830-1920. The area has tidal beaches on both the Amazon River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Belem’s position at the confluence of the Para and Amazon River has turned it into one of the world's busiest ports. From the port one can go upriver on either ocean- going ships or one of the colorful river boats. The trip highlights a vast array of animal life and plant life of the surrounding area. Many of the animals and plants are not found anywhere else on the planet.