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Admission Requirements

AVA desires to make the application very expedient for students interested in enrolling. We will assist in determining eligibility and completing the enrollment form. You may call the office or contact us by Email or fax us with any questions or you may complete the online application on this web site.

AVA welcomes students of any ethnic, racial, or national origin and respects the religious preference of parents and students; however, classroom instruction is given in English and is based on Christian values.

Students are accepted under the following conditions:

  1. Space is available. (Priority is given to continuing students.)
  2. The program(s) needed by the student is/are available at AVA.
  3. The student entering first grade must provide a copy of a birth certificate showing that he/she will be 6 years old prior to October 1, following the enrollment.
  4. The parent(s) and student agree to the student’s participation in the school’s Christian activities and Bible studies.
  5. The results of an admissions interview between AVA personnel, the parent(s), and the student are satisfactory.
  6. English-speaking students are not more than two grade levels below proficiencies in oral, listening, reading and writing of the English language, as determined by our current ESL testing program.
  7. Non-English speaking students may be enrolled and placed in the ESL (English as a Second Language) program provided: a) the students demonstrates an ability to function at grade level in a language other than English, and b) the student is approved by the AVA administration and ESL faculty, and c) the additional ESL fees are paid..
  8. All documents required for admissions are on file at the school.
  9. Any student, English-speaking or ESL, may be offered probationary admission for one semester to complete record requirements or to demonstrate a reasonable rate of language proficiency. Normally, the probationary period will not be extended beyond two semesters.
  10. Parent(s) and student read and agree to give support to the school in administering the policies stated in the PROFILE section of the web site.